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Swimming Accessories You Must Own at this Summer

Swimming is such an enjoyable and great exercise that it’s slowly becoming a daily routine for most of the people these days. Pro swimmers knows what they need in their swimming bag before going for swimming, but amateur are always in lookout at the last movement what they need to have and sometimes forgot to get the essential swimming accessories.

So we decided to prepare a list of swimming accessories you should own to do swimming properly. Note that some items are optional.

If you want to be a professional swimmer, get your bag in order before you go out for swim.


Swimming AccessoriesObviously, you need a swim wear. Make sure that you feel comfortable in your swim wear. You should also think about your particular swimming needs. It is recommended that you choose Speedo swim wear if you are taking part in a swimming.

If you are a man don’t forgot to check our review of best swim jammers.


Swimming AccessoriesYou need towels to lie on and to dry yourself after swimming. Although single towel is enough however it’s better to take an extra towel who knows when you will need that extra towel. This is probably a no-brainer, but easy to forget! They’re not just for drying yourself off – they’re great for lying on at the pool side.

Swimming Cap

Swim-CapsChlorine is used in pool water however it can cause problems for your hair – If you swim frequently without swimming caps, the repeated drying (caused by chlorine) can damage your hair. Swim caps help to maintain and protect your hair. It also keeps the hair out of the swimmer’s face, allowing for increased visibility and better performance. Swimming caps also keep the pool clean and protects you from getting your hair caught alongside the pool or in a pump.

Don’t forgot to check this swimming cap buying guide.

Swimming Goggle

Optical Swimming GogglesGoggles protect a swimmer’s eyes from the water, chlorinated or not, to improve underwater vision. Many types of goggles come with an anti-fog coating and with a chemical applied to the inside of the lenses to reduce the development of the condensation that occurs during swimming and hinders a swimmer’s visibility. Clear lenses are typically used for indoor swimming, while tinted lenses are useful outdoors and can provide UV protection.

Some people prefer the swim mask instead of swim goggles, as they cover more face while swimming. Swim Goggles come in a wide variety of sizes and styles with different shaped eyepieces, so it is important to find a pair that fits you comfortably.

Check this page for buying best swimming goggles.

If you have poor eye sight don’t forgot to check top 10 prescription swimming goggles.

Kick Board

Swimming AccessoriesFloats aren’t just for children learning the swimming basics or for clutching on holes whilst sipping a Pina colada. A kick board is an essential part of training. They’re used to improve stamina, technique and strength and you really learn how much work your legs do once you get rid of your arms! The first time I did a set of backstroke legs with a kick board I nearly died. They are my favorite out of all the swimming accessories.


Swimming AccessoriesI wouldn’t have been able to do any of my open water events if it wasn’t for all the paddle training I did when I started swimming. It was too hard for me to do two lengths of front crawl without paddles, one of my friends (she was a swimming couch) urged me to use paddles. My shoulders and upper arms have near enough transformed before my eyes since training with. When you use paddles not only it can create substantial improvement in power but also you will feel better while doing swim training.


Swimming AccessoriesSunscreen offers protection from harmful UV rays and from overexposure to the sun, you’ll need to protect yourself from the sun. You can take your pick between all-natural sunscreens or conventional sunscreens. The right sunscreen is the one that works for your skin.

Note that most chemical sunscreens are not recommended during pregnancy & breast feeding.

When purchasing, you should consider the sun protection factor (SPF) of the specific type of sunscreen. SPF denotes how much protection the product provides from the sun, with higher numbers offering greater protection. Buyers should also make sure that the sunscreen protects from both UVA and UVB rays.

Anti-Fog Goggle Spray

Swimming AccessoriesSwimming goggles fog up because of condensation forming on the inside of the lenses. This is either perspiration or water vapor from your skin. Therefore, it is likely to be worse if you are exerting yourself. So try getting an anti-fog goggle spray before going to swim.

Pre-Swimming Lotion

Swimming AccessoriesSwimming is extremely good for you, but chlorine isn’t. In fact, the next time you’re in the pool, take notice of the condition of the lap lane dividers. The plastic donuts are probably eaten away from the chlorine. If chlorine can do that to plastic, what is it doing to your skin? While swimming in chlorinated water, your skin begins to feel gritty. The chlorine itch starts to set in right away. With anti chlorine lotion on you actually feels smooth and slippery, which makes your swims more enjoyable.


What You Need to Know Before Buying Above Ground Pool

above ground poolsHuman beings from the time of creation have always been searching for how to solve problems encountered in different spheres of life.

Taking a look at our weather, it is known to everyone that the summer time is associated with lots of heat from high temperature. This constitutes a discomfort to man and in quest to find solution and remedy to this problem, a pool was made.

If you are planning to buy a above ground pool, check this list of top 10 above ground pools.

The pool is made to serve the purpose of getting people refreshed and cool even in the comfort of their homes and apartments. This is normally called in or above ground pools.

It is usually made of different sizes and dimensions and with pump and filter that help to pump in water, inflammable rings, frame and other vital components. This pool set serve as a place of succor for both adults and kids in the summer time and season.

In this article, I will discuss and explain issues that are associated with above ground pools.

What to consider before buying an above ground pool

  • Size and Dimension
    It is very important to consider and know which size of the above ground pool is good enough for you. If you want to be part of the pool fun every summer with your kids and pet, you should be considering a wide size pool which will give enough space for your fantasy.
  • Installation and setting up
    Above ground pools are meant for your homes and therefore, you must consider the ease of setting up the pool. You have to buy the ones you can easily set up and install. This is important because summer time will pass on and you may need to remove the pool till the following summer before installing again.
  • Safety and Durability
    Safety is key and despite the fact that lots of above ground pools are safe for adults and kids, you must still consider it before buying. Some pools have slippery base and this is a concern. The durability of the pool is very vital and you must be sure you are not buying a pool that will always cost you cash to fix leakages, replace components and others.
  • Price and Brand
    Get the above ground pool of your choice at a good price. You must check every features to be sure it is value for money. The manufacturing brand is also very important. This gives you the warranty when issues arise as regards your pool. Go for the good and reputable brands of above ground pools.

Sizes and Shape of above ground pools

Above ground pools are made in several sizes and dimensions, and in different shapes too. For the shapes, we have Round, Oval and Rectangular shapes of above ground pools.

Sizes for round shapes include 12foot to 33foot around. For the Oval shape, we have 12X24, 15X30, 18X33, 18X40, 21X41 sizes. For the rectangular shapes of above ground pools, 9X18, 9X19, 9X41, 12X21, 12X22, 12X24, 15X25 dimensions. 

The best place to install the above ground pool in your house

When looking or determining the best position or place to install the above ground pool in your house, there are some factors to consider. These factors include:

  • Soil and ground topography
    The place you choose to install your above ground pool must be a place with leveled ground, not sloppy. It should also be a place with stable soil. This is so because the best support for the pool is the ground and therefore it must not be perfect for the pool.
  • Setbacks and Drainage
    For some houses and homes, there restrictions of how close you can build to the property line. Check your local building department to be sure of this. Also you must consider drainage as above ground pools contain lots of water which must be properly drained without causing tension around the pool. Look for a place with no restriction and with good access to drainage.
  • Maintenance and Safety
    It is always good to site your above ground pool in a location that you can easily see it so as to guarantee safety. Most people may think the backyard is cool with trees as shade but trees are threat to your maintenance because leaves drop on the pool and the roots can cause ground and soil instability.

Taking Care of the above ground pool

There are several ways to take care of an above ground pool. Such ways include;

  1. Removing the dirt in the filter. These can be done for different types of filters such as cartridge filters, sand filters and so on.
  2. Do a weekly check for the pool PH. Make good adjustment when necessary.
  3. Shock the above ground pool regularly to maintain crystal clean water that is healthy.
  4. You may need to apply chlorine if it is required.

Hope this article will help you choose the best above ground pools for upcoming hot summer.

Best Swim Caps for Long Hair 2017

One of my friends Anne, she is an African American with very long hair, came to me and asked “Hey Jason, can you please help me find a swimming cap for my long hair, which do not let the water into my hair while I swim and keep my hair dry and where can I buy it?”

This is really frustrating situation and most of the swimmers with long hair face it whenever they go to swimming.

I was overwhelmed with her questions, and here is what I told her in my reply, hopefully this is useful to her and all of those swimmers with long hair and wanted to buy the best swim cap for their long hair.

First we wanted to list out top 5 best swimming caps for long hair right now in 2017, so that you can directly see the cap and buy instead of bothering further reading.

Top 5 Swimming Caps For Long Hair

Swimming Cap PhotoFeaturesPrice
Swim-Caps-for-African-AmericanSwim Elite silicone cap for long hair with nose clip
3 colors
Free nose clip
90 days money back guarantee
Swim-Caps-for-African-AmericanSpeedo silicone long hair swim cap
One size fits all
Branded swim cap
Low price
Swim-Caps-for-African-AmericanSwede silicone long hair swim caps (2 pack)
Multiple colors
90 day money back guarantee
Swim-Caps-for-African-AmericanSwim Culture's swim cap for long hair with ergonomic ear pockets
Ergonomic ear pockets
Made from "AAA-grade" silicone
Lifetime warranty
Swim-Caps-for-African-AmericanAnti-slip waterproof long hair swimming bathing caps
Multiple colors
One size fit all
Good for unisex

Great to see you here and that you are interested to find out more about the swimming caps, go ahead and dive into the details.

Things You Should Look Into a Swim Caps for Long Hair

Choosing the right type of swim cap is very important. There are many types of caps available in the market, you have to decide what you are wearing the cap for and then buy a perfect one for your particular need.

Swim caps are design for different purposes, few of them are good to keep hair away from your face and eyes while you swim and few of them are good for cold water or hot water swimming.

In the case of swimming caps for long hair or dreadlocks you should consider these things first because these are specially designed caps that protect your long hair.

  • The cap should be stretchable: not all swimmers have the same head/hair size so make sure to check that the swim cap you are buying must be stretchable. Due to stretching a swimmer with very long hair can easily put the cap on without fear of tearing it up. Extra expansion can make sure your hair fit into the cap easily and keep the hair dry while you swim.
  • Cap’s Material: Cap’s Material: Look for silicon material caps, which are very stretchy. These caps are thicker, easy to use, water proof and effortlessly fit on almost all head size not matter how big or small your head size is. Due to water resistance these caps are capable of keeping your hair dry.  Very durable and due to water resistance these caps are capable of keeping your hair dry while you swim.
  • Ear Pocket: due to technology advancement there are major transformation happening in product designs, same advancement is being seen in the swimming caps too. The newer swimming cap’s design is improved and now the caps come with ear pocket design which covers not only your long hair but also cover your ear so you don’t feel heaviness on your ears and it won’t let water go into your ear while swimming. It’s very irritating and uncomfortable and may affect your swimming performance.
  • No Snagging and Pulling your hair: pulling and snagging hair while wearing the swimming cap is very common to swimmers with long hair and it is very irritating thing and no one want to lose hair while doing so. Make sure to try wearing and removing the cap before you buy. Unfortunately you can’t test a cap if you buy it online, so the only option you have is to read the review and judge it by yourself or choose the one which we listed above where we have assured all of these features are present in the caps.

Where to Buy Swim Caps For Long Hair

The best option is to go to your nearest swimming accessories store and buy the one you like. If you don’t bother to go out and buy, you can buy it from sitting inside your home on the internet – there are many online websites you can buy from, here are few of the big names coming into my mind.


How to Put the Swim Cap on Long Hair

Now that you have decided which swim cap you will go with, it’s time for you to get some tips on how to put the swim cap onto your head before going into the swimming pool.

Here is the step by step process:

  • Knot your long hair
  • Wet your hair with water
  • Open the swim cap
  • Put the swim cap onto your head
  • Adjust the swim cap as per you feel comfortable

If you are still not sure how to put the swim cap, read this interesting piece of article with pictures Or watch this video

In the End

To close this answer to my friend’s quest of finding her the best swimming caps for her long hair is over, hope this article will be helpful to my friend and for my readers who are looking to buy their new swim cap. Feel free to share your thoughts by commenting on this article.


How to Protect Your Eyes & Hair While Swimming

Hair & Eyes ProtectionAlmost all swimming pools contain chlorine, which is used to keep the pool free of bacteria and debris. The chlorine that is used in the swimming pools hardly can have any serious effect on your skin; it can irritate your eyes, but it does not have the same effect like undiluted chlorine. Despite of this, it is always better to have some protection – a swimming cap and goggles.

Chlorine has a drying effect: when you enter a swimming pool without a swimming cap (or with a cap that doesn’t fit you well) your hair shafts will start absorbing chlorine which at some point will cause your hair becoming dry. There are several steps you can take in order to prevent any damage caused by the chlorine.

Step 1: Before entering the swimming pool, you should take a shower (the majority of swimming pools require this). If you have a possibility – wash your hair thoroughly before going to the pool. This will impregnate your hair shafts and will help your hair to absorb less chlorine when in the water.

Step 2: Use conditioner. After applying the conditioner comb your hair the way that all the ends are coated. This helps your hair to limit the amount of chlorine absorbed by your hair. Note, that your hair should not be slippery, otherwise your swimming cap might slip off.

Best Swimming CapsStep 3: Put on a swimming cap. Even if you have very short hair, use a swimming cap. For many people it is pretty difficult to put on the cap. You need to hold the sides of the cap when you pull it over your forehead. If you have very long hair, do not try to put your hair under the cap from the first try. Put the cap leaving the long hair in the back. When you are comfortable with your cap, twist your hair and afterwards tuck it under the cap.

Step 4: After you leave the swimming pool, remove your cap accurately not to damage your hair, thoroughly wash it with a soap or shampoo and dry it. Wash your cap with fresh water, dry it and store; this will help to prolong the life time of your cap.
When in the swimming pool your eyes can get very irritated and that might disturb you while swimming. If you are wearing contact lenses, you need to remove them before getting into the swimming pool as the chlorine absorbs like a sponge. However, if you there is no way for you to swim without lenses, you need to keep in mind that the best you can do is to throw away your lenses after you exit the swimming pool. As a second choice you can order swimming goggles. In many countries this is a quite affordable product. You can get one for $20+, depending on the brand, quality, etc.

Swim GogglesIt is suggested that you wear swimming goggles when in the swimming pool. You need to get goggles that fit you perfectly; otherwise your eyes still can be in contact with water which in its turn may cause irritation. Probably all goggles are adjustable, so you can adjust them the way that is most convenient for you. After exiting the swimming pool do not forget to rinse your goggles with fresh water and store them in a special case. Take proper care of your swimming equipment and it will serve you for a long time!

Prescription Swimming Goggles

How To Choose Prescription Swimming Goggles

You need lenses to see clearly, but do you know that it is better not to go into swimming pool with contact lenses? Well, there is a solution to this – you can purchase prescription goggles for swimming and no need to worry about damaging your eyesight or contact lenses.

Here is a list of  Top 10 Best Prescription Swimming Goggles.

Prescription Swimming Goggles come with special lenses that have different strength levels. Nowadays, there are several companies that produce prescription goggles. This means that you have the opportunity to choose between different brands and different price ranges.

Many people believe that prescription goggles are expensive; however they are quite affordable for a person with an average income. The price of goggles starts approximately from $20 and goes up, depending on the quality, brand, etc.

Prescription Swimming GogglesThere are several things you need to know before purchasing your prescription goggles.

The first thing is to find out your OD (Ocular Dexter) and OS (Ocular Sinister), in other words the eyesight of your right eye and left eye respectfully. Cylinder is required if you have astigmatism. Consult with your doctor about this issue in order to order goggles with the correct lens. Sphere is the measure of weakness degree in diopters (if you are nearsighted your eyesight measurement number will always be negative). You can use the formula provided below for calculating what type of prescription goggles you need

Diopter strength = Sphere + (1/2 x cylinder)

Let’s consider that the sphere is -1.5 and the cylinder is -1. In that case your lens will be -1.5 + (1/2 x -1) = -2 step diopter lens.

You need to keep in mind that producers adjust it a little bit in order to keep reasonable pricing, so it might not fit you perfectly. There is also a possibility to choose the frame. When you purchase your goggles try them on to see if they fit you. In case you feel uncomfortable you can try to return them to the store or exchange before using.

During recent years the demand of prescription swim goggles has increased and producers started to offer both recreational and racing style goggles. If you are a professional swimmer you will most probably look for racing prescription goggles, while if you are just going to the pool once in a while you can go with recreational prescription goggles.

Some brands offer an opportunity to change the lens when required, such as Aqua Sphere. If you decide to change the lens in the goggle, before ordering a new one make sure that it will fit your goggles: consult with the seller before purchasing one. Prescription goggles do not require special care; you need to do the same steps as you would do with other goggles. Rinse the goggles with fresh water after exiting the pool, live them in a clean place so that they dry and store them in a special case (in case you goggles came without case, purchase one). Keep your prescription goggles away from heat or hot water streams to insure that lenses will not get damaged.

If you are not sure which goggles to buy head over to this blog-post where we have listed Top 10 Best Prescription Swimming Goggles.